Surfacing briefly for a review of the year so far

It’s been a tough year. Two in-patient psych hospital stays, the second caused by an extreme side effect of a new medication given during the first stay. The drug was Abilify which at first seemed wonderful as I suddenly had energy again but it quickly became evident that there was an undesirable side effect. That energy turned into constant restlessness which then turned into akathisia – a condition where one has to constantly move one’s limbs. I endured this torture where I felt that I was no longer in control of my body for two months, the only plus point was that I got a lot of spinning done (not the best spinning but at that point I didn’t care) as it was a good way to relieve the need to be moving my legs. Unfortunately, when it finally stopped, I was left with a lot of joint pain, particularly in my hips.

During that period, I got a bee in my bonnet to knit hats, mostly from handspun and also to knit two Elizabeth Zimmermann hats that have intrigued me for years.

020resized Maltese Fisherman Hat by Elizabeth Zimmermann, knit using some handspun from several years ago.
Snail Hat by Elizabeth Zimmermann, commercial yarn
Rikke by Sarah Young, knit using handspun Romney from my early spinning days.
Rikke by Sarah Young, knit using handspun Romney from my early spinning days.
Rainrdop by Dani Sunshine, knit using corespun from a batt.
Rainrdop by Dani Sunshine, knit using corespun from a batt.
Knit using handspun.
Knit Night hat by Judy Marples. Knit using handspun.

Doesn’t Eluned make a lovely model? Those photos were taken in June although the hats were finished before then. Only the two EZ hats actually fit her, the others are meant for me or anyone else in the house who needs to wear a hat.

I also knitted some almost knee high socks around the same time. I used handspun Targhee from The Painted Tiger fibre club in the Sugarcoated colourway. I had a double dose which meant 8oz. I knit from the toe-up, adjusting the fit as I went along. These are definitely pretty socks rather than functional socks as I rarely wear skirts/dresses, however they were still knit at a sufficiently tight gauge for the yarn grist and should wear well.

004After that literally crazy period, I came done with a mysterious virus which left me weak and barely able to stand for more than a few minutes for weeks after all other symptoms had disappeared. I also lost all knitting and spinning mojo.

Then came the summer holidays with all the stress of two kids at home for two months in the middle of nowhere. Mum took us on several trips out which were lovely and very helpful. We also took a brief last-minute holiday of 5 days at a campsite about 30 minutes away. The campsite is next to a lake with a sandy beach and cordoned-off swimming area. It has excellent facilities including a playground and bouncy castle for the kids. We were able to relax, the kids could have fun and it was a complete break from the usual routine.

During all this, the depression was still very bad and I found it hard to do anything much at all.

Right at the end of the holidays, Rhianwen was having a sleepover with a friend when she came down with a stomach-ache. For two days, I thought it was just a bug but when she wasn’t getting any better I took her to our GP her abdomen was hard and that I should take her straight to the paediatric ‘Urgences’. It turned out that she had appendicitis with peritonitis and she had emergency surgery at 1:30 am. She stayed in hospital for 11 days with me sleeping on a fold out bed in her room. She was very brave the entire time and has recovered fully and will show off her scar quite willingly to anyone who asks.

At the beginning of September, I started attending a day hospital two mornings a week. This means I have to get early! Around the same time, I was put on a new anti-depressant, Valdoxan, which has worked really well and quickly too. I can now usually get up around 10 am instead of 11.30 and even manage to get up around 9 am when I need to.

My knitting mojo is slowly returning and I have nearly completed a second Wingspan scarf/shawlette (no pictures yet). A couple of weeks ago, I took part in the second annual Marché de Noël in my Mum’s commune. Mum was there selling her handmade cards and some other things and I was selling my handmade jewellery from knitted wire, handmade felt etc. Rhianwen helped out both days and worked extremely hard.

032 023 024 025 026 027 028 030 031

I didn’t make much but I feel sufficiently encouraged to reopen my Etsy shop and start selling some pieces on there.

All in all, it has been a difficult year but there have been two particular highlights. The first was that Meleri, my eldest, not only completed her Art and Design course and got a Distinction but she was also awarded the prize for the Further Education student who had made the most progress during the year. I am so incredibly proud of her, she has really worked hard.

The other highlight is the recent introduction of a new member to the family, Eira the cat. He was wandering around our tiny village and had been abandoned. When we approached him, we found him to be very friendly and in want of love and cwtches. We took him to the vets to check for a chip and we also kept him in our porch for a little while to see how things went. This also gave Rob the chance to consider the effect on him as he does suffer from pet allergies. Rob has decided to give things a go and has seen our GP for stronger allergy meds, he is also going to see an allergist soon. He can see the benefits for me and for the girls. Rhianwen has taken on the responsibility for feeding Eira and is doing a great job so far.


So Christmas is coming and that is something to really look forward to this year. Not only will by brother be coming over from the UK but Meleri will be too. This will be the first time that the girls will have seen her in 2 1/2 years. To say they are excited is a complete understatement.