A Fresh Start

I’ve abandoned the old Typepad blog, I decided to stop paying for a blog service that I rarely used. This will be a fresh start for me. I’m going to stop posting life updates and just post whatever I feel like when the mood takes me. I’ve written so many blog posts in my head that haven’t got posted because I’ve felt that I have to post a life update first. I hope that this leads to more frequent posting but who knows…

I finally got disability benefits at the start of December, this included a years worth of back payments to cover the period since my application was received by the CAF (Caisse Allocations Familiales). The benefits will make life easier in many ways, Eluned is going to crêche fulltime, I hope to be able to get a cleaner for a couple of hours a week and the backpayment has paid for a new (to us) car.

The new car is great. It’s a 2004 Renault GrandScenic, it has lots of fancy features like aircon, cruise control, a  keycard and pushbutton start, six speed gearbox, GPS and two extra fold down seats in the boot. It’s also LHD which makes driving easier. Meleri reports that there’s a little more room for her in her spot between the two car seats and for long  journeys we anticipate that she will use one of the fold down seats. It will also be useful to have the extra seats when people come to visit from the UK.

It has been some months since I have done any spinning and I have also done very little knitting recently. I did knit a hat from handspun for Jim (my Mum’s new partner) for Christmas and I am currently knitting something for my grandmother as a belated Christmas present. Again, it’s from handpsun as I am making a concerted effort to actually use my handspun yarns instead of letting them sit in a box.I do have a few projects that are either finished and need blocking or need blocking before working on button bands. I need to get the craft room sorted and a table put together before I can do any blocking though.

That’s it for now I think. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I post again.



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